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Buying Agency

Why do you need a buying agent?

With over 28 years in the buying agency business we have built up a network of manufacturers that we have worked with regularly and can trust to do a good job, who are financially stable and understand the quality required for overseas markets. Even though we are strict with quality control we are prompt with payments and so have built up a good reputation with our suppliers.

There are a lot of products going through our warehouse and from this we are able to spot trends as to what goods are working in various markets.

Your priority is selling goods, possibly finding new markets and new products. We can take care of the business of processing orders and sending goods to you without the need for you to come here each time you need to place a new order, reducing travel expenses and allowing you more time to sell products. We will also send samples or picture of new items that may be of interest to you.We will also give you full access to one of our sister sites containing a catalogue of many items available here.

When you do visit, we will arrange everything for you. We can pick you up each morning and take you directly to the manufacturers that are of interest to you. We will happily give our recommendations and help with negotiations and all other aspects of the buying process. Don’t want to give away too much.

We are perfectionists and do not accept second best – see for yourself – try us once and we know that you will be impressed.

As a simple test send us an inquiry and see how quickly we get back to you.

We do not take commissions from suppliers and are completely transparent throughout.

We charge 10% on cost of goods purchased for this service. This gives you immediate priority and you enter our VIP category.

Customer Quotes

Yet again everything was fine with this shipment. Thank you for your help – I feel very happy that I met you! Wish you all the best with your company!!!

Hamburg, Germany

We unloaded the container at 7am yesterday, in a splattering of snow flakes, big congratulations on how it was packed,fantastic,all shoved in just how i wanted.

Hereford, UK

Another very, very good container received today and thank you to all involved in making it a success. No moisture and packed extremely well – thank you. I look forward to doing much more business with my friends in Chiang Mai over the next year, and visiting in March.

Scotland, UK

I got the container last week and I am very happy . I had only one big lamp shade damaged but the rest of the goods arrived in good condition.I hope to be able,in a near future to come again for new orders.

Port Louis, Mauritius

All was ok… Very very well… You’re a very good buying agent… Thank you so much…And thank you for your prices… We’re going to buy more soon.

Marseille, France