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We have the best packing team in Chiang Mai. Our packers have upto 20 years of experience.

We use enough packaging to ensure that your goods will be received in perfect condition while not overpacking and wasting space or causing you headaches with excessive refuse at your end.

Every container we send is full.

We make use of all space available so that you receive the most goods possible saving you money on freight charges per item.

You will be impressed – see ‘Customer quote’ for excerpts from some of our regular customers mails.

All wood used for our crates are chemically treated as required by law and are made by us.

Again we pack crates as efficiently as possible making savings for you on freight.

Customer Quotes

Yet again everything was fine with this shipment. Thank you for your help – I feel very happy that I met you! Wish you all the best with your company!!!

Hamburg, Germany

We unloaded the container at 7am yesterday, in a splattering of snow flakes, big congratulations on how it was packed,fantastic,all shoved in just how i wanted.

Hereford, UK

Another very, very good container received today and thank you to all involved in making it a success. No moisture and packed extremely well – thank you. I look forward to doing much more business with my friends in Chiang Mai over the next year, and visiting in March.

Scotland, UK

I got the container last week and I am very happy . I had only one big lamp shade damaged but the rest of the goods arrived in good condition.I hope to be able,in a near future to come again for new orders.

Port Louis, Mauritius

All was ok… Very very well… You’re a very good partner… Thank you so much…And thank you for your prices… We’re going to buy more soon.

Marseille, France