If you have shipped goods before skip this part.international shipping

There are two types of shipment that we can do!.

LCL shipments (less than a container load)

The minimum volume that can be sent is 1 cubic metre. After this the volume can increase in increments of 0.1CBM

For a full list of LCL prices send us an email and we will send you our current rates worldwide.

Door to door shipments are also possible but can get quite expensive. Regular LCL shipments can be sent to main ports and major cities.

There is usually a weight restriction of 400kg/CBM

If the total volume gets close to 15CBM then it becomes more economical to send as a 20ft container.

2.FCL shipments (full container loads)

There are 5 sizes of container available, 20 foot, 20ftHC, 40ft, 40ftHC, 45ft

20ftHC are very difficult to get and 45ft containers mainly go to US only and are also difficult to bookchiang Mai Shipping

20ft can hold approx. 30CBM

40ft can hold approx. 60CBM

40ftHC can hold approx. 72CBM

For prices please email us and we will send a quote.

We can offer FOB, CNF or CIF rates. We also accept nominated shipments.